Here at Yambla, we believe that the only sustainable way for companies to remain relevant is to go all-in on Collaborative Innovation. Companies, we believe, should be serious about nurturing a culture where all employees, partners and even customers actively engage in sharing, elaborating and evaluating new ideas that could make the company stronger.

Every single day, people are interacting with companies, either in the role of employee, partner or customer. It is those people who are closest to the reality of the company. As an employee, you know what’s slowing you down in your work. As a partner, you know how interactions can be improved. As a customer, you know what you love and hate about a company’s products and services. It is the experience of all these people that will eventually decide the long-term success of the company. And while management is looking at reaching the stars, employees, partners and customers see the fundamental flaws that keep the rocket from launching.

It is when companies succeed in connecting all these people and allowing them to be the company’s ideas engine, that they set themselves up for long-term relevancy. By actively nurturing a collaborative ideas engine, companies can transcend their operations-focused way of working, and move into an ideas-centric way of working. This will allow them to continuously sync with the world around them, and to turn constant adaptation to the ever-changing environment into the core of its operations. And that is exactly what companies need in order to remain relevant.

Even more, in a world with ever-increasing automation where technology is wiping out jobs and AI is getting itself ready to take over even less repetitive tasks, building idea engines will eventually become an undeniable necessity – not only for companies to remain relevant, but also to save our world from a sociological disaster. Companies will need to master and operationalize that what we, as humans, will always do better than machines: Generate, explore, nurture and crystalize ideas that will shape tomorrow’s companies, products and services. Ideas and creativity will be about the last thing we’ll be able to automate – if at all possible. Everything else will eventually become a commodity.

Our Mission

Companies need to shift from a modus operandi that is operations-centric towards one that is ideas-centric. They need to in order to win today, and they’ll need to in order to survive tomorrow.

It is out of our passion for the subject, that Yambla was founded in December 2012 with a mission to support companies in making this shift. Since that day, our team has been hard at work to understand what it takes to enable a company to innovate collaboratively. What are the steps to shift a company to one that masters Collaborative Innovation, and how is it sustained?

All of our learnings, practices and methodologies are continuously being translated and implemented into our online Ideas Engine Platform enabling companies to deploy Collaborative Innovation into their companies and to make it tangible.

Yambla, the All-In-One Idea & Innovation Management Platform

Is Your Company Ready For Launch?

Is your company embracing Collaborative Innovation? Or does it believe that innovation is contained and isolated in one department or a handful of managers? Does it see itself as a group of people executing a fixed plan, or does it recognize that all these people are key to continuously reshaping the plan in order to remain competitive and relevant?

We believe this is an existential question that will define the longevity of today’s companies. Reaching for the stars isn’t about assembling a rocket to reach one particular star, it’s about assembling a group of people capable of defying what lies ahead, day after day.